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Meet Monica

Monica, the founder and CEO of Set the Stage Event Planning & Concierge Services, discovered a passion for event décor through years of planning, decorating, and hosting family and employer celebrations. Twenty-plus years and three degrees later of complete dedication to patients and her nursing career, Monica invested in formal education, master classes, and industry-related conferences, embracing her zone of creativity in balloon art, draping design, and florals.

Monica always delivers a client-centered approach that ensures a cohesive and memorable experience. Monica specializes in corporate events, weddings, birthdays, baby, and bridal showers. Each design is unique and created according to the client’s request. Whether creating classic balloons, organic balloons, traditional or trendy décor, draping designs, or floral arrangements, delivering client satisfaction is the top priority.

Monica is a woman of faith and often says that “Prayer is the key, and Faith unlocks the door” (Head, 2010).

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